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What is Hubway?

Hubway is a bike sharing program in Boston

Hubway currently has 1,800 bikes & 185 stations.

Divvy has 5,800 bikes & 580 stations.

What is this data showing?

At the most basic, it is showing basic data on trips from Hubway

There are many options to narrow down to specific types of data you want

You can narrow things down based off of date, weather conditions, sex, time of day, etc

What are some good things about it?

The color scheme.

The map is very minimal

The variety of different variables

Coloring of the lines

What are some terrible things about it?

The way you select the variables

The hidden ways to view data

The awful way to view all stations

The way to pick a time is really confusing

It is really hard to figure anything out from this

The poor labelling

Bottom Line: This looks great but sucks for pretty much everything